Kinectrics and ArcWear offers a full testing service for cloth or barrier face coverings (also known as CFCs) in our laboratories as a “one-stop-shop”

  • 20 samples are tested: ten new condition, ten after a maximum number of cleaning cycles (specified by manufacturer).

ASTM F3502 requires the following tests and cites the following standards:

F2100 Specification for Performance of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks

F3407 Test Method for Respirator Fit Capability for Negative-Pressure Half-Facepiece Particulate Respirators

Normal clothing minimum flammability 16 CFR Part 1610 Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles

TEB-APR-STP-0059 Determination of Particulate Filter Efficiency Level for N95 Series Filters Against Solid Particulates for Non-Powered, Air-Purifying Respirators as required by 42 CFR Part 84 Approval of Respiratory Protective Devices.

F3050 Guide for Conformity Assessment of Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment is recommended for use by manufacturers for quality control.

D3938 Guide for Determining or Confirming Care Instructions for Apparel and Other Textile Products

D5489 Guide for Care Symbols for Care Instructions on Textile Products

AATCC M14 Guidance and Considerations for General Purpose Textile Face Coverings: Adult

Optional Testing

ASTM D412 Elastomer Testing

ArcWear offers accredited washing to the AATCC 135 Home Laundry Standard  the ISO 6330 Home Laundry Standard, or the NFPA 2112 Industrial Laundry Standard is offered to complete the standard requirements of ASTM F3502.

Arc, flame and thermal Testing

F1506 Performance Specification for Flame Resistant and Electric Arc Rated Protective Clothing Worn by Workers Exposed to Flames and Electric Arcs

F2302 Performance Specification for Labeling Protective Clothing Which Provides Resistance to Incidental Exposures to Heat or Open Flame

NFPA 2112 Standard on Flame-Resistant Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Short-Duration Thermal Exposures from Fire

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Kinectrics Medical Mask and Barrier Face Coverings Testing Page.

ArcWear is also a participant in good standing of the Third Party Data Acceptance programs of UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) and ASTM’s certification arm SEI (Safety Equipment Institute).

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