The ArcWear Team

ArcWear’s team of professionals work closely with textile manufacturers, utilities and other companies to ensure the highest level of assurance related to arc flash safety. As of September 1, 2020, ArcWear is a Kinectrics Company.  Joining this company fits in with both company’s missions and expands the services for life cycle management to the PPE sector.

We bring key experience and solid credentials to the testing and compliance needs of our clients, valuing excellence above all when it comes to arc flash and other arc rated and flame resistant PPE testing. With extensive experience in engineering, textiles, training, and manufacturing, we have the highest qualified team in the arc flash and flame resistant PPE industry to get the most trusted results.

Hugh Hoagland

ArcWear Service Line Manager

ArcWear Founder Hugh Hoagland, an expert on electrical arc testing and safety, has helped develop arc-rated rainwear and face shields and has numerous patents related to arc flash protection. Hugh has aided in the development of legislation and standards in the U.S. and globally; He serves on ASTM F18, IEC TC78 and the IEEE Electrical Safety Committee as a U.S. based expert on arc flash and electrical safety. Hugh is a highly sought-after speaker on arc flash research and has performed more than 95% of the world’s arc flash testing on PPE. His accident investigation studies and research have been published in IEEE, ASTM, and in the Handbook of Fire Resistant Textiles.,

Brian Shiels

PPE Sr. Engineer

Brian Shiels is Senior PPE Engineer at ArcWear. His professional experience includes development and testing of flame and thermal protective clothing and equipment, as well as quality management. He holds several patents for FR fabrics and PPE. Brian is a long-standing member on a variety of Standards Development Organizations, including ASTM, NFPA, AATCC, and ISO. He currently serves as Vice-Chairman for ASTM Committees D13 and F23, as well as Chairman of the ASTM Committee on Standards. He also serves on the AATCC Executive Committee on Research. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina and a Master of Science in Textile Chemistry from North Carolina State University, with a special focus on protective clothing.

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Stacy Klausing

PPE Project Manager

Stacy Klausing is the PPE Project Manager at ArcWear. Her professional experience includes project management in testing laboratories, testing and evaluating fabric related to PPE, the quality process of continuous improvement, and execution and management of an ISO 17025 accredited quality system. She earned her Master of Science degree from the University of Kentucky in Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles with a special focus on Textile Science. Stacy is a Six Sigma Green Belt from North Carolina State University.

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Jill Kirby

Laboratory Manager

Jill received a Bachelor of Science in Fiber Science and Apparel Design from Cornell University. Since graduating, Jill has professional experience in the textile testing industry, specializing in personal protective equipment testing, including NFPA 2112. As the Textile Testing Laboratory Manager at ArcWear, Jill’s work will focus on protective textiles and garments where she can apply her educational background in textiles to the industry to increase compliance to ASTM and IEC standards for arc flash and flash fire.

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Claude Maurice


Claude Maurice is a consultant at ArcWear; Claude has over thirty years experience in the testing and qualification of electrical and safety related equipment for the electrical industry. Claude has led a wide range of multi-disciplinary research projects involving electrical equipment performance and safety, and also participates on technical committees for standards development at ASTM and IEC.

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Agnes Bolek

Laboratory Technologist

Agnes Bolek is the Laboratory Technologist at ArcWear. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering and Marketing at the Technical University of Lodz, Poland, with a special focus on Knitting Technology. She brings years of laboratory experience, and while she is new to the PPE evaluation world, she is excited to use her textile knowledge and expertise to provide customers with the reliable data they need to get to market.

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Agnes Bolek

Laboratory Technologist

Allison Williams joined ArcWear as Laboratory Assistant in 2019. In this position she assists in all areas of the lab, prepares fabric samples and helps with in-house testing. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Textiles and Apparel at the University of Northern Iowa, along with a Certificate in Sustainability. Allison has product development and apparel production skills, and during her degree program she was active in the university’s Textiles and Apparel Association and Sustainability activities. She is also skilled in pattern making, alterations, and fabric surface design and printing.

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Julia Wayne

Technical Writer

Julia Wayne serves as the Technical Writer at ArcWear. Julia received her Bachelor of Arts in History from DePauw University and Master of Arts in Higher Education from the University of Louisville. Prior to joining ArcWear, Julia worked for over nine years in university development and donor relations. As a Technical Writer, Julia assists the entire ArcWear team and facilitates the preparation of testing materials and reports, including communication with customers, fabric preparation, reporting, and writing.

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Greg Stevens


Greg oversees all accounting, financial and operations areas of the company and works with outside legal, accounting, banking and insurance services. Greg was previously the accountant for Stevens Contracting in Louisville, where he handled accounts payable, project management and accounting and project consulting. He received a bachelor of science degree in accountancy from Western Kentucky University and a master of science in accountancy from Northern Kentucky University, and became licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in 2015.

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Lea Hoffman


Lea Hoffman has been with ArcWear since 2013. She handles all invoicing, collections and accounts payable for the company, and helps with general office management.

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