Arc Flash Investigations

Arc flash investigations may be performed in cases of litigation or following arc flash accidents. An expert witness can provide insight into technical aspects of cases and can be retained by either side to assist in litigation. Technical understanding may be communuicated regarding standards and compliance, common practice, or in rare cases, product failures which are typically due to improper hazard assessments or care and maintenance.

Our Expert Witnesses:

Hugh Hoagland

ArcWear Founder
Hugh Hoagland, ArcWear’s senior consultant, is one of the most active trainers and researchers in electric arc protection. Hugh has served as a technical expert witness for over 160 arc flash accident investigations and his NFPA 70E and OSHA 1910.269/NESC Training Programs are used by many Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies including Alcoa, GM, Toyota, Bechtel, DOE, and hundreds of electric utilities. Hugh has performed and developed testing (by original research and participation in ASTM, NFPA, ANSI, CSA, IEC and ISO standards groups) for the electric arc since 1994 and has performed over 50,000 electric arc tests.

Bill Baitinger


Dr. Baitinger has extensive experience with flame retardants and product liability. Bill spent over thirty years working as a Senior Technical Advisor at a major flame-resistant fabric producer, and was also responsible for managing product liability concerns. His extensive list of experience includes research and development, nine patents, service on numerous technical committees (ASTM, AATCC, NFPA, CAL OSHA, CPSC, and the Canadian General Standards Board). Bill also has experience serving as an expert witness in court cases.

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