ASTM F1861 Resistance to Synthetic Blood Penetration

Below is Kinectrics built “blood cannon”. Our expertise in mechanical engineering with the help of our “in-house” physicists created our instrument in record time during the COVID-19 crisis. Today Kinectrics accredited lab is the only lab in Canada doing all the tests in-house for medical masks.  A true one stop shop with record turn times.

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  • This standard measures the resistance of medical face masks to penetration by the impact of a small volume (~2 mL) of a high velocity stream of synthetic blood.
    • Blood fired from “blood cannon” at set pressure for target performance.
    • Visual check for blood penetration through the mask determines pass/fail.
    • 32 samples tested: <4 failures for overall pass.
  • Performance Levels:
    • Level 1: 80 mmHg (450 cm/s),
    • Level 2: 120 mmHg (500 cm/s),
    • Level 3: 160 mmHg (635 cm/s).