ANSI/ISEA 203 Disposable Flash Fire Garments

ANSI/ISEA 203  American National Standard for Secondary Single-Use Flame Resistant Protective Clothing for Use Over Primary Flame Resistant Protective Clothing, is a commonly used standard specification for the evaluation of flame resistant secondary protective garments like disposable, non-melting coveralls and single use chemical suits. In the most recent edition of NFPA 2112, gloves and shrouds, hoods, and balaclavas are included; certification programs for these products are available. The standard is used for those drilling in the oil and gas industry and used throughout the world in refining, chemical processing, combustible dust exposures and other garments to protect from momentary flash fires.  These garments are designed to be worn over garments meeting NFPA 2112, 1971, 1977 and 1975 for extra protection when exposed to flammable or other chemicals when flammable materials or arc flash hazards are present.

The following tests are required for fabric.

Possible Applications for ANSI/ISEA 203

  • chemical processing
  • hazardous materials remediation
  • pharmaceuticals operations
  • paint spraying
  • tank cleaning
  • laboratory operations
  • petrochemical operations
  • general manufacturing
  • bulk chemical transfer/handling operations
  • general maintenance
  • clean-up operations
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