ASTM D6413 - Vertical Flame

ASTM D6413, Standard Test Method for Flame Resistance of Textiles (Vertical Test), is commonly used to measure and observe the response of materials to heat and flame under controlled conditions and for quality control purposes. Turnaround time for testing to ASTM D6413 is typically 2 business days.

In total, ten specimens are evaluated for vertical flame testing (five samples from each direction of the fabric). When evaluating in accordance with the ASTM F1506 specification, ten samples are evaluated as pristine samples, and ten samples are evaluated after 25 laundering or dry clean cycles. NFPA 2112 requires testing before and after 100 industrial simulated wash cycles. Each sample is exposed to a controlled flame for a specified amount of time before the source of the flame is removed. Measurements are taken of afterflame time, afterglow time and char length. Observations include any melting and/or dripping that may occur during testing.

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