Arc-Rated or Flash Fire Garment Audit for End Users

Has your PPE seen better days? If you’re concerned about the ability of your garment to continue to perform with age and use, our arc rated or flash fire rated garment auditing option is a solution to evaluate field-use garments. We come across questions of contaminants and improper laundering frequently from end users.  Many companies send us garments they have questioned the flame resistance or arc rating of to evaluate.  We can compare the fabric to the original report (if provided) by checking the weight, color (if applicable) construction and even the fiber content).  We can also perform destructive testing to assure the flame resistance or with adequate samples we can determine the current state of the arc rating.  Your arc flash protection level and flash fire protection levels are important.  We can help as an ISO 17025 accredited third party lab.

Testing is destructive, but flammability concerns may be tested using the small-scale vertical flame procedure. Our technical staff can also perform a review of care and maintenance procedures, test reports provided by manufacturers, and compliance information as described by NFPA 70E-2021.

The garment auditing service includes:

  • Destructive testing to ASTM D6413 compared to requirements of ASTM F1506
  • Optional arc flash garment evaluations using ASTM F2621
  • If provided, a review of care and maintenance procedures as well as testing reports and compliance statements issued by the manufacturer

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