Laundering, Conditioning and Weight Test Methods

Laundry preconditioning, fabric conditioning and determining the conditioned and unconditioned weight of a fabric in oz/yd² or g/m² is required by many test methods and specifications–our in-house laboratory can perform industrial simulated wash methods (NFPA 2112), as well as American and European consumer launderings. Prepping samples in accordance with recognized test methods assures more consistent test results and many customers specify extra laundering to assure their products will pass the test of time in wear and tear.  AATCC TM 135 has many settings options and ArcWear can also provide other washing methods such as dry cleaning and hand washing.

The ability of flame resistant fabrics to maintain integrity is a common question in the flame resistant and arc rated clothing industry. ArcWear’s in house laboratory can perform evaluations after specified laundering procedures and quantities per customer request.

Laundering Test Methods Available:

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