AATCC 8 - Colorfastness to Crocking

The AATCC Test Method 8 – Colorfastness to Crocking: Crockmeter Method is used to determine the amount of color change transferred from a textile to other surfaces through rubbing. Before testing, the specimens are conditioned in accordance with ASTM D1776. The test is performed by placing a specimen on a crockmeter and a 2-inch, white crocking cloth square mounted on the weighted crockmeter arm.

During operation, the arm moves to rub the mounted crocking cloth across the sample for 10 full strokes. The test is performed with a wet and a dry crocking cloth to examine performance in both conditions. Both cloths are removed and then examined in a lightbox under D65, artificial daylight, against the AATCC Gray Scale for Staining to determine the amount of color transferred from the specimen onto the crocking cloth. To pass, the colorfastness of both wet and dry shall be at least a grade 3. This ensures that the product will retain its high-visibility color despite encountering varying levels of contact and abrasion with the wearer and the surrounding environment.