ASTM F1939 - Radiant Protective Performance (RPP) or Radiant Heat Resistance

ASTM F1939, Standard Test Method for Radiant Heat Resistance of Flame Resistant Clothing Materials with Continuous Heating, is a small scale test method used to evaluate the radiant heat resistance of fabric or a composite. A continuous and constant heat source is used at an exposure of either 21 kW/m2 (0.5 cal/cm2s) and 84 kW/m2 (2.0 cal/cm2s). Either or both can be used. This test is one method required for compliance by NFPA 1977 and used in NFPA 1971 for conditioning aluminized proximity gear.

Evaluates the potential for second degree skin burns associated with a fabric’s ability to block the penetration of radiant heat energy 

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