January 16, 2019

ASTM F887-18 Published

The newest version of ASTM F887-18 for Fall Protection was recently published and is now available for purchase.

A few updates were made relevant to Section 22 on Electric Arc Performance:

  • Harness designs with both frontal and dorsal attachments now require 12 drops (previously 8), which means additional arc exposures will be required on these designs
  • If the harness design contains only dorsal attachments, there is no change–eight drops and arc exposures are still required.
  • Other minor changes occurred regarding use of the term “accessories” and the use of panels (ASTM F1959 set-up) in addition to mannequins for evaluations of accessories or lanyards
  • The requirement for a maximum of two samples per mannequin on harness accessories was removed, but still exists for lanyards. While this sample maximum was formally removed from the standard for harness accessories, we will continue every effort to make testing cost-effective for customers while also ensuring adequate exposure of complex products in testing.

ArcWear performs arc flash testing to ASTM F887 and can arrange for drop testing on an as-needed basis. Our next testing week begins the week of February 11th. If you need testing or have questions about the update, contact Stacy.

2 Comments on “ASTM F887-18 Published

Dave Swanson
April 14, 2020 at 6:50 am

My position is Electric Training & Program Specialist with Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities based in Ankeny, Iowa. My position requires me to train all the Power Linemen on Fall Protection, AR/FR, just to name a few. I started my careering 1967 as a Power Lineman, Foreman, Safety Specialist, and now having this position for the last 4 years and now at 70 years old, I love the industry and hopefully can still be of value to the workers in the industry. I’m very impressed to have this information to pass on to our members through safety links now that I’m not able to conduct face to face training in the field with the Cor19 virus. Please send me more valuable information to add to my training. Thank You

Hugh Hoagland
April 14, 2020 at 4:32 pm

Our sister company provides a Train the Trainer in OSHA 1910.269 in a Live Instructor Led Online version which provides full training on arc flash for OSHA 1910.269 Arc Flash regulations. Many utilities use this material. Love to help you.


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