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ASTM F1506-19a Updated with New Testing Requirements for Closures and Visibility Enhancements

The most current edition of ASTM F1506 includes changes to reporting, updated references, terminology and new testing requirements related to closures and visibility enhancements.

A summary of updates:

  • New terminology and references
  • in addition to the weight claimed by the Addition of fabric weight, actual (conditioned weight, as measured by the lab, prior to laundering)
  • description of fabric weight, arc test (weight, as measured by the lab, after laundering and before testing), also known as AAD
  • fabric weight, nominal (target weight reported by manufacturer)
  • visibility enhancements: testing requirement for flammability and references to conspicuity standards
  • Closure testing (if visible on outside of garment)

A notable change is the addition of fabric weights into the reporting process. Fabric weight now is included throughout the specification to make it a part of the testing and reporting for F1506 as the target weight listed by the manufacturer, the conditioned weight prior to laundering, and the post-laundered weight prior to testing.

Section 6 of the document, ‘Requirements’, was expanded to become ‘Garment Requirements’. Existing pieces of this section were either added to or broken down to better define. The main focus was on better handling fasteners, closures, and visibility enhancements within testing. Specific design guidelines are outlined in addition to the testing requirements they must meet. Closures visible on the outside of the garment must be either certified to NFPA 2112 or tested bi-annually at 500 degrees F per ASTM F2894 (oven testing). Visibility enhancements have also been added to be tested bi-annually to ASTM D6413

Our lab is fully prepared to continue taking F1506 projects and guide you with the changes and requirements. Please contact us to schedule testing, and visit our website for information on all your testing and certification needs.

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