Arc Flash Training

The Role of an Expert Witness in Flame-Resistant Product Liability Cases

Why do I need an expert witness for a flame-resistant product liability lawsuit? This is a question that either plaintiffs or defendants might ask. This article is intended to provide some guidelines to assist in an answer to this question. An expert witness provides insight into technical aspects of the case and may be retained […]

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ArcPro 3.0 Arc Flash Calculation Software is Now Available

The ArcPro 3.0 Arc Flash Calculation Software is Now Available! Kinectrics has just announced the newest release of their arc flash hazard analysis software, which is available for purchase worldwide. This is the only software specifically recommended by OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.269 for use with higher voltage arc flash determinations.   Kinectrics has issued […]

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Now Available: QSSP Arc Flash Training by ISEA, ArcWear, and e-Hazard

ISEA has rolled out an Advanced Arc Flash Safety Training program as an online course, available on-demand, for qualified safety sales professionals to gain knowledge about the arc flash hazard and industry. ArcWear and e-Hazard have partnered with ISEA to create the content for this training program, which includes information around the history of the […]

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Free Webinar: NFPA 70E Changes Affect PPE for 2018

Register for a free webinar, hosted by Safety + Health Magazine, on Thursday, November 30th at 12:00 p.m. Central to learn about how the NFPA 70E changes affect PPE for 2018. Hugh Hoagland of ArcWear will be presenting and available for questions. ArcWear offers accredited, third-party¬†testing to ASTM F1506, which is still cited by the […]

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Short Sleeved AR with Rubber Insulating Sleeves: An ArcWear Study

We have completed a study of AR short sleeved shirts worn UNDER Rubber insulating sleeves for three utilities which have requested this to be published and made available to OSHA. The digest of the study is that we could not see energy getting far enough down a sleeve to burn skin from the back (even […]

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Do Bleach and Fabric Softener Really Harm FR and AR Fabrics?

ArcWear staff performed a limited study to evaluate the effects of both hydrogen and chlorine bleach and fabric softener on a common cotton-nylon fabric in a controlled laboratory setting. The study was published as a Selected Technical Paper in the ASTM International Performance of Protective Clothing and Equipment: 10th Volume, Risk Reduction Through Research and […]

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