NSA Announces Acquisition of Enespro

National Safety Apparel has just announced the acquisition of Illinois-based Enespro®. Enespro’s President & CEO, Mike Enright, will join National Safety Apparel as President.

As mentioned in their press release, Enespro is an emerging leader in electrical personal protective equipment (PPE). Launched in 2018, the company has grown rapidly thanks to a simple but powerful mission: to make electrical workers safer and improve the PPE user experience through industry collaboration and continuous innovation.

Mike Enright states, “NSA is a perfect fit for Enespro and I couldn’t be more excited about joining such an outstanding team. NSA’s intense focus on innovation, excellent reputation throughout the industry, and strong commitment to USA manufacturing will strengthen the Enespro brand and help bring the electrical PPE user experience to an entirely new level.”

Chuck Grossman, CEO of National Safety Apparel is quoted as saying “Mike brings extensive leadership experience and years of industry knowledge to National Safety Apparel. Mike’s business acumen, Enespro’s direct relationships with hundreds of end users of electrical PPE and NSA’s large network of distributor-partners will further enhance service levels and expand the availability of the Enespro brand to electrical workers around the world.”

See the companies online at www.thinknsa.com and www.enesproppe.com.

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