IEC 61482-1-1 Edition 2.0 Published

The IEC has recently published the latest version of 61482-1-1. The standard now includes a new type of arc rating – ELIM. In addition to ELIM, the update also contains a variety of other improvements.

We updated you about ELIM, or the Incident Energy Limit Value, in our blog article on the topic last year. Generally speaking, ELIM is calculated by averaging the three incident energy levels below the mix zone.

The updated standard defines ELIM as the numerical value of incident energy attributed to a product (material or clothing), below which value all product responses are below the Stoll curve and without breakopen. In addition to defining the new type of arc rating, the update also contains clarified definitions for the two previous arc rating types. The new definition for ATPV is the numerical value of incident energy attributed to a product that describes its thermal properties of attenuating (reducing) a heat flux generated by an electric arc. And the new definition for EBT is the numerical value of incident energy attributed to product (material or clothing) that describes its breakopen properties when exposed to heat energy generated by an electric arc.

Other Notable Updates to IEC 61482-1-1

The overall emphasis of the update was to reduce variability between laboratories. Some of those key improvements are:

  • Discrete dimensions and placement of monitor sensors
  • Improvements and specific details for speed and response time of the data acquisition system
  • Clear definition and application of time zero
  • Added requirement for environmental conditions for storage of materials prior to testing
  • Tighter calibration requirements

These improvements are aimed to reduce variances between labs. However, we don’t expect any measurable difference in results from the previous standard.

We have been providing an unofficial estimate of ELIM for several months now. And we’re happy to now be able to provide this as an official part of your IEC 61482-1-1 test reports. Please contact us to schedule your ELIM testing, and visit our website for information on all your testing needs.

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