Arc Flash Minute: Does using Lysol Spray to Disinfect Arc Rated Hoods Affect the Arc Rating?

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NEW INFO: After our testing to check on the flammability of this product it has come to our attention from NSA’s Will Vereen who called the Lysol company, that this is not a recommended use of their spray and the method we used on the bottle is not certified by the EPA to be effective on Corona-virus.  They are ONLY certified for use on these viruses on hard surfaces AND it requires sufficient spray to be wet for 10 minutes on those surfaces.  Additionally, they also do not recommend using the spray, even dry on something next to the face.  This perhaps because the residue contains benzalkonium chloride. Alcohol also may not be effective on porous surfaces.  Any of these methods used short term may not be effective.

If we find an effective method, we will notify via this post.  The video made clear to follow manufacturer’s directions but we wanted to share as complete information we can.  Washing hands and wearing an N95 mask UNDER the hood may the the ONLY way to share PPE for now.

The video is accurate but we wanted to add this disclaimer in writing until we can change the video.

This information is a PSA in the viral pandemic of COVID-19.

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