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Standards Updates: ASTM F2178-22

The ASTM Committee F18 on Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers has updated ASTM F2178 to ASTM F2178-22 Standard Specification for Arc Rated Eye or Face Protective Products.

Additional information from manufacturers will now be required to be included on arc test reports. Similar to the fabric identification required by Specification F1506, the fiber blends and weight of the fabric portion of the hood system are required on the report. In addition, a unique identifier for shields and chin cups shall be listed to allow an end user to easily match the arc rated shield or chin cup replacement to the arc rated hood system. Alternatively, chin cups or shield replacements shall be designed so that they will only fit the rating level of the hoods with which they were tested in lieu of a unique identifier. Also, any replaceable part including shields, chin cup, or hood fabric system shall be clearly marked indicating the other parts it was tested with to ensure end user part replacement can be accomplished correctly. Alternatively, the replacement parts may be designed so that they will only fit the rating level of the hoods or face protective systems with which they were tested.

Moreover, additional labeling requirements for arc rated eye or face protective products will be required by manufacturers–the label on the faceshield shall correlate with the label on the fabric portion of the hood (if applicable). If a shield is rated for several levels, that same part number shall be indicated on the product label and on the test report so that replacement parts can be purchased and properly matched.

Other updates in this standard include results from an intra-laboratory precision study.

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