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IEC 61482-1-1 Update: What is “ELIM” in Arc Testing?

In May of 2019, a new version of IEC 61482-1-1 (2.0) is expected be published. It will include a new, more conservative, type of arc rating for materials called the Incident Energy Limit Value (ELIM). Arc Ratings are calculated using at least 20 data points and a logistic regression to determine the incident energy level […]

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Free Webinar: NFPA 70E Changes Affect PPE for 2018

Register for a free webinar, hosted by Safety + Health Magazine, on Thursday, November 30th at 12:00 p.m. Central to learn about how the NFPA 70E changes affect PPE for 2018. Hugh Hoagland of ArcWear will be presenting and available for questions. ArcWear offers accredited, third-party testing to ASTM F1506, which is still cited by the […]

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ATPV vs. EBT: Arc Ratings Explained

ASTM Standard Definitions: ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) is the incident energy on a material that results in a 50% probability that sufficient heat transfer through the specimen is predicted to cause the onset of second-degree burn injury based on the Stoll Curve, cal/cm².   Energy Breakopen Threshold (EBT) The incident energy on a material that results […]

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