BTTG and Shirley- CE Marking for PPE in the EU and UK


Brexit has been a challenge for both manufacturers and notified bodies operating in the EU and the UK– BTTG has worked  to accommodate clients and to transition PPE certifications as seamlessly as possible by setting up a wholly owned subsidiary company in the Republic of Ireland, Shirley Technologies (Europe) Ltd. Accreditation and status as a notified body was granted, and Shirley is now overseeing the EU PPE Certification Process in partnership with BTTG Testing Services, and BTTG is issuing UK Certifications. Those wishing to obtain CE Marking in the UK will need a UKCA Mark after December 31st, 2021 (Read an important update provided by BTTG/Shirley at the end of 2020). The teams at BTTG and Shirley are able to offer certification that will be dual for the United Kingdom and the EU with one assessment.

See Shirley’s scope of accreditation as a notified body of PPE. If you need assistance with CE Marking or have questions, the BTTG/Shirley Team can provide direct guidance through [email protected]. If ArcWear can assist with global certification services for various markets, please reach out to [email protected] and we are happy to direct your project and compliance questions.

In addition to the updates regarding certification in Europe, we commend and congratulate our friends at BTTG/Shirley for 100 Years of Service!

Contact us for questions, consulting, or testing in the global marketplace. ArcWear is an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory specializing in testing of flame resistant and arc rated PPE.

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