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Registration Now Open for ASTM Virtual Workshop on COVID-19 Standards

Registration is now open for ASTM’s Virtual Workshop on COVID-19 Standards.  As they have recently done with all relevant PPE Standards, ASTM International is graciously offering this workshop completely free of charge to all registrants.

Response to the Webinar has been tremendous, with the initial registration opportunity being completely filled in less than 12 hours.  ASTM quickly responded by opening more space, but it will be limited to the first 1,000 registrants.  Visit the Workshop website for more information, or click here to go directly to the registration page.  The full Technical Program has also now been published.

This COVID-19 workshop will provide a forum for engineers, scientists, and medical professionals worldwide to exchange ideas and identify areas for needed standards development on the following topics:

  • Methods/guides/practices to address reprocessing single use PPE and reusable PPE (including N95 respirators, personal face masks, protective clothing and coverings, etc.):
    • Current issues with decontaminating single use PPE
      • Cleaning
      • Index matching
      • Collection and distribution
      • Loss of efficacy
      • Degradation of components
      • Tracking number of re-uses
    • Cleaning/decontamination/sterilization
      • New sterilization/disinfection methods – chlorine dioxide, etc.
      • Assessing performance of the reprocessed device, including feedback from healthcare providers who have used reprocessed devices
      • Effects of bioburden on re-use, for disinfection and perception
    • Standards used
      • Existing: ASTM, NIOSH and other
        • Include limitations, such as multiple decontaminations
        • Novel test methods introduced by researchers during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Methods/guides/practices for producing and or assessing performance of devices and device components that are in short supply
    • e.g. masks, respirators, and face shields
    • Both traditional device designs and novel designs using materials that are at hand
    • Redesigning single use PPE for potential re-use during surges
    • Discussion of FDA Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs),
      • For current EUAs, the impact on supply chain and on products/methods covered by current EUAs.
      • Considerations needed to continue product access upon EUA expiration including impacts on the supply chain and on products/methods covered by current EUAs.
  • Share perspectives on how existing standards helped you in addressing device shortages or how they could have been of more assistance


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