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New Testing Service – Flash Fire Cylinder

ArcWear is excited to announce the availability of a new, non-standard, testing service.  We have recently commissioned our new bench-scale Flash Fire Cylinder, made by Thermetrics.  The Flash Fire Cylinder is designed to be an intermediate test between HTP (ASTM F2700) and the large-scale Flash Fire Manikin (ASTM F1930). 

Because of the smaller scale and uniformity of the cylinder form, the Flash Fire Cylinder has the potential to provide much more precise data compared to the Flash Fire Manikin.  It also provides much more detail than the single-sensor HTP system.  

While this test is still currently non-standardized, ArcWear staff is heavily involved with developing a Standard Test Method within the ASTM F23.80 subcommittee for Flame and Thermal PPE.  A version of the test has also been incorporated into the first draft of the 2023 edition of NFPA 2112.  

Even before the development of a Standard, we believe this test will be an invaluable research tool to FR Fabric developers.  The Flash Fire Manikin test can be cost prohibitive for some.  Aside from fiscal costs, the flash fire manikin requires the production of three standard coveralls, often requiring more fabric than is available in early stages of development.  The Flash Fire Cylinder test can be completed with less than a half-yard of fabric.  This helps to provide fast feedback in the very early stages prior to going for a full flash fire manikin test.  

Introductory Rates

While we work to develop a Standard Test Method, we’re offering deeply discounted introductory rates for R&D work.  Early testing has already begun.  Please contact us today for more information on the test and to set up your R&D testing.  

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