ASTM F1891-19 Published

The latest revision of the standard has updated the test method for waterproofness of seams to AATCC 127 Water Resistance: Hydrostatic Pressure Test. This change has been made to align with the requirements of ASTM F2733, the Standard Specification for Flame Resistant Flame-Resistant Rainwear for Protection Against Flame Hazards.

The requirements of testing seams from the previous version citing (FTMS) No. 191A Method 5516 will remain the same- the two methods were previously considered interchangeable. The revision, however, will make dual certification that much easier between the two rainwear standards.

ArcWear is an accredited third-party testing laboratory and can help you achieve dual certification compliance for rainwear for arc flash and flash fire in accordance with ASTM F1891 and ASTM F2733.

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