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ASTM F1506-20a Published – Includes Flame-Resistant Cloth Face Coverings

A new edition of ASTM F1506-20a has been published.  This edition adds flame-resistant cloth face coverings (FRCFCs) to the scope, with reduced labeling requirements.

According to the new edition, FRCFC is defined as “a flame-resistant fabric-based garment, primarily covering the nose and mouth, designed to reduce community spread of biological hazards”.  It is important to note that the Standard makes it very clear that FRCFCs are not designed to provide arc protection for the face, head, or neck.

Although the FR Cloth Face Coverings are still required to meet all other requirements of ASTM F1506, this edition of the standard allows for reduced labeling requirements due to the size of the FRCFC.  As a minimum, ASTM F1506 compliant FR Cloth Face Coverings must have the following on the label:

  • “FRCFC ASTM F1506 – Not arc flash face protection”
  • The tracking ID code
While the limited labeling is permitted, manufacturers wishing to apply full ASTM F1506 labels to cloth face coverings are permitted to do so, provided the label does not add of the severity of injury.


This edition does not remove any of the product conformity assessment requirements in the F1506-20 edition added.

The spirit of the changes are similar to the TIA recently published to NFPA 2112.

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Flame-Resistant Cloth Face Covering

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