ASTM F1506-17b Published and Seam Slippage Goes Away

Just a few short months after ASTM F1506-17a was published, -17b has been released- with notable edits to the test methods required for testing:

  • ASTM D434 Standard Test Method for Resistance to Slippage of Yarns in Woven Fabrics Using a Standard Seam has been removed from testing requirements.
  • The thread melt standard has been update to ASTM D7138 Test Method to Determine Melting Temperature of Synthetic Fibers from federal test method 191A, 1534.
    • The test requirement remains the same- Fiber shall not melt below 260°C (500°F)

ArcWear performs full ASTM F1506-17b testing as a third party 17025 accredited lab.

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