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ASTM F1358-20 Published

ASTM F1358-20 has been published by Committee F23 on Protective Clothing and Equipment.  The updates, drafted by ArcWear Staff, is primarily comprised of clarifications for testing labs.  These procedural clarifications help improve consistency from lab to lab.  Other updates allow inclusion of more modern automated test equipment.

This standard is used to evaluate performance of secondary clothing that is not designated primarily for flame resistance and is not a substitute for the vertical flame test.  ASTM F1358 exposes a folded edge of fabric and is not as harsh as the edge exposure of ASTM D6413.  The ANSI/ISEA 105 Glove Classification Standard references this test method for ignition resistance.  

ArcWear performs this test for ANSI/ISEA 105 Glove Classification in our ISO Accredited testing laboratory in Louisville, KY.  Please contact us to set up your testing project today. 

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