2018 Edition of NFPA 2112 Has Been Published!

What’s New in the NFPA 2112 (Industrial Flash Fire) 2018 Edition?

  • The term “flash fire” was updated to”short-duration thermal exposure”
  • Scope, testing, and requirement additions for gloves and shrouds/hoods/balaclavas (manikin testing is not included or required for these items)
  • ASTM F2894 (with modification) was added as the method for heat and thermal shrinkage (oven testing).
  • New explanatory annex nonmandatory recommendations for emblems (shields, heraldry, logos, printing)
    • Non-FR emblems are now limited in size per the recommended annex– individual emblems should be no larger than 16 in.² and total area from emblems should not exceed 40 in.².
    • FR emblems must meet test requirements
  • Rainwear is NOT included in the new edition–ASTM F2733 remains as the appropriate standard for flash fire rated rainwear
  • Calibration changes were made to large-scale manikin testing. As a result, fewer laboratories can complete manikin testing to the new edition of NFPA 2112; expect delays in testing. When a new edition is released, certification participants kick back into initial testing, which means all certified products have to be fully retested. With fewer labs available to perform the method, backlogs may be long.
  • Manufacturers have until August 10, 2018, to get certified to the new edition. After this date, certification bodies cannot permit manufacturers to label any products compliant to the 2012 edition.

You can view the new edition of the standard online for free.


ArcWear works with SEI (ISO 17065 accreditation body) to issue third-party certification to NFPA 2112. If you are interested in certification to the new edition of NFPA 2112 or if you have questions, contact us!

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