AATCC 61 is used to evaluate the colorfastness to laundering of textiles expected to withstand frequent launderings. This method allows an evaluation of color loss and surface change by using a detergent solution and abrasive action- the method specified in ASTM F1506 (Method 2A) is used to evaluate colorfastness in an accelerated manner to replicate 5 home laundering procedures at a medium or warm setting (100F° +/- 5°F).

Test specimens are attached to multi-fiber swatches and stainless steel balls are loaded into stainless steel canisters to replicate abrasion. The canisters are then loaded into the machine and the 45 minute test begins. After laundering, specimens are dried, conditioned, and evaluated with both the Gray Scale for Color Change and the Gray Scale for Staining.

Sample Requirements

1 yard of material

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Please fill out the test form and email it to arctesting@arcwear.com. Also, print the form and enclose it with your shipment.

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After your AATCC 61 testing is complete, we will send you an email with the Arc Rating results. Within a few weeks, we will send you another email with the full test report. You will receive a user name and password for our web site, www.arcwearonline.com. You can log on to download test reports and the raw data, photos and videos from your tests.