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We've compiled a collection of arc flash articles to provide a valuable resource of information related to arc flash testing and other electrical safety topics. Included are articles on training, PPE testing, maintenance, protective information, safety and many other subjects relevant to arc flash safety and testing.


Using Arc Protective Blankets as an Engineering Control Method

Authors: Hugh Hoagland, Zarheer Jooma
Publication: Incident Prevention, February-March 2018


Arc Flash Pressure Measurement by the Physical Method, Effect of Metal Vapor on Arc Blast

Authors: Hugh Hoagland, Claude Maurice, Andrew Haines, Andre Maurice
Publication: IEEE, March-April 2017

A Method to Measure the Application of the Incident Investigation Process for Electrical Incidents

Authors: Zarheer Jooma, Jessica Hutchings, Hugh Hoagland, Ian Jandrell
Publication: Electrical Safety Workshop IEEE IAS, Jan-Feb 2017

Maximizing your Arc Rated Gear

Authors: Hugh Hoagland, Stacy Klausing
Publication: Incident Prevention, January-February 2017


Case History: Arc flash incident on a Locked Out 3.3-kV-Fused Contactor

Authors: Zarheer Jooma, Jessica Hutchings, Hugh Hoagland, Ian Jandrell
Publication: IEEE Industry Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. 53, No. 2, pp. 1583-1588, 2016

An Evaluation of the Effects of Bleach Products and Fabric Softener on Properties of a Common Flame-Resistant Cotton-Nylon Fabric

Authors: Jill Kirby, Stacy Klausing, Hugh Hoagland
Publication: ASTM Standard Technical Papers, 2016


A Post-use Evaluation of Turnout Gear Using NFPA 1971 Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and NFPA 1851 on Selection, Care and Maintenance

Author: Meredith McQuerry, Stacy Klausing, Deena Cotterill, Dr. Elizabeth Easter
Publication: Fire Technology, September 2015

Are You Ready for Upcoming OSHA Changes?

Author: Bruce Penas
Publication: Electric Energy, Issue 2, 2015

Focusing RCM on Equipment Critical to Electrical Safety

Author: H. Landis Floyd
Publication: January 22, 2015


Bridging the Protection Abyss: Arc Rated Gloves and The New ASTM Test Method

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland and Zarheer Jooma
Publication: HSME Magazine, March/April 2014 (Pages 42-43)

Addressing Comfort and Contamination in Arc-Rated Clothing

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland, et. al.
Publication: Incident Prevention, February 2014


What About My Hands?

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland and Bill Shinn
Publication: ISHN, April 2012


Testing standards for arc rated garments - Part 2 (PDF)

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland & Zarheer Jooma
Publication: Energize Magazine, March, 2011

Global standards on arc related personal protective equipment - Part 1 (PDF)

Author(s):Zarheer Jooma
Publication: Energize Magazine, Jan-Feb, 2011


The Shocking Truth (PDF)

Author(s): Kyle W. Morrison and quotations from Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Safety+Health Magazine, December, 2010

Arc Flash Label Best Practices

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, September, 2010

Seven Electrical Safety Habits for a Safer Workplace

Author(s): Al Havens, Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Render Magazine, October, 2010

Choosing the Proper PPE for Electric Arc Exposure

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine, March 2010


Arc Flash Training & PPE Protection

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Occupational Health and Safety Magazine, August 2009

PPE in the electric arc: A case for collaboration (For purchase only)

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Electrical Safety Workshop, 2009. IEEE IAS Volume , Issue , 2-6 Feb. 2009 Page(s):1 - 4


How to Properly Care for Flame-Resistant Garments (PDF)

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Welding Journal, November 2008, Volume 87, Number 11, pp. 38-40

Arc Protection Around World

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland, Jon Wallace
Publication: Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, August 2008

NESC 2007 Flame Resistant Clothing

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Incident Prevention Magazine, February 2008


Disposable FR Garments: What Are the Differences

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Occupational Health and Safety Magazine, May 2007

Arc Flash Safety: Know Which Standard You Should Be Using

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, July 2007

Arc Flash Hazard Assessment Requirements (For purchase only)

Author(s): Gary Zahalka, Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Rural Electric Power Conference, 2007 IEEE Volume , Issue , 6-8 May 2007 Page(s):C5 - C5-6 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/REPCON.2007.369559


Cleanroom Arc Thermal and Flame Resistant Garments

Author(s): Jan Eudy
Publication: Controlled Environments Magazine, May 2006

Hot Working Bras

Author(s): Beverly Johnson
Publication: Fashion-Incubator, July 2006

Fire Resistant Bra Developed in Canada (PDF)

Author(s): Beverly Johnson
Publication: Canadian Apparel Magazine, May/June 2006


A Far Better 70E

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland, Bill Shinn, Victoria Reed
Publication: Occupational Health and Safety Magazine August, 2004

Protecting Workers, Saving Lives: The OSHA Apparel Standard 1994 to Today

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland and Victoria Reed
Publication: Electrical Energy Magazine, March/April 2004

Protective Devices Maintenance as it Applies to the Arc/Flash Hazard

Author(s): Dennis K. Neitze
Publication: IEEE-PCIP Europe Technical Conference, 2004
- Technical Paper (PDF)


Facing Up to the Arc Challenge

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland, Bruce Sannar, Kent Givens, John Winn, Luciana Galo
Publication: Occupational Health and Safety Magazine, May 2003


Myths and Facts on Complying with NFPA 70E's Clothing Requirements (PDF)

Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Electrical Contracting & Engineering News, February, 2002


Arcing Flash/Blast Review with Safety Suggestions for Design and Maintenance (For purchase only)

Author(s): T. Cmko, S. Dymes
Publication: Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Conference, 2000. Conference Record of 2000 Annual

Staged Tests Increase Awareness of Arc-Flash Hazards in Electrical Equipment

Author(s): Ray A. Jones, Danny P. Liggett, Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer, Terry Macalady, Lynn. F. Saunders, Robert E. Downey, L. Bruce McClung, Arthur Smith, Shahid Jamil, Vincent J. Saporita
Publication: IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. 36, No. 2, March/April 2000

The Use Of Low Voltage Current Limiting Fuses To Reduce Arc Flash EnergyF)

Author(s): Richard L. Doughty, Thomas E. Neal, Terry L. Macalady, Vincent Saporita, Kenneth Borgwald
Publication: IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, November/December 2000


Testing Update on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Electric Arc Exposure

Author(s): Richard L. Doughty, Dr. Thomas E. Neal, Terrence A. Dear, Allen H. Bingham
Publication: IEEE, 1997


Hydrocarbon Pool and Vapor Fire Data Analysis (PDF)

Author(s): U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Operational Safety
Publication: October 1984