ISO 11612 Protective clothing — Clothing to protect against heat and flame — Minimum performance requirements

ISO 11612 Protective Clothing–Clothing to protect against heat and flame–minimum performance requirements, is commonly used in the EU for CE Marking. It is often the base standard for arc rated clothing using arc ratings from IEC 61482-1-1 or APC’s from IEC 61482-1-2.  

Other clothing companies use ISO 11612 and IEC 61482-2.

Combining these two, they are similar to ASTM F1506.  End Users in some parts of the world use IEC 61482-2 to meet NFPA 70E.

ArcWear partners with BTTG to perform testing to the ISO 11612 certification and to help customers in global markets to achieve certification. The specification is appropriate for clothing used in a wide range of limited flame exposures.

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