Arc Flast Testing

Evaluating Non-Arc-Rated Products in an Electric Arc Exposure

The recently updated ASTM F2621 now allows for the evaluation of non-Arc-Rated products in an electric arc exposure. The Standard had previously limited evaluations to only arc-rated products. This prevented users for evaluating products that were necessary for the job, but were not available with an arc-rating. Why expose non-Arc-Rated products to an electric arc? […]

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ASTM F1506-18 Published

ASTM F1506-18 Standard Performance Specification for Flame Resistant and Electric Arc Rated Protective Clothing Worn by Workers Exposed to Flames and Electric Arcs has been published with substantial changes to small-scale testing as summarized below: Testing for dimensional change and colorfastness may be performed and documented per the garment manufacturer instructions. If testing at a […]

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