Kinectrics ArcWear Now Accredited by SCC and A2LA

SCC Accreditation

Kinectrics ArcWear now holds ISO 17025 Accreditation from both SCC and A2LA.  The new accreditation comes shortly on the heels of our 2020 acquisition by Kinectrics, Inc.  With a Canadian parent organization, we have added the accreditation under Standards Council of Canada.  This is complementary to our previous, and still current, accreditation under the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation.

Scope of Accreditation

Our A2LA Certificate and Scope of Accreditation can be viewed online HERE.

Our SCC Certificate and Scope of Accreditation can be viewed online HERE.

Our recent acquisition now enables us to provide medical mask testing and the new ASTM F3502 Specification for Barrier Face Coverings is also being added to the Kinectrics Scope in the biochemical and nuclear laboratory.  The Kinectrics ArcWear Team can now provide washing, prep and one-stop-shop service for all mask testing and barrier face covering testing to help arrest the spread of COVID-19. See our Mask Testing Page at Kinectrics and contact us for ASTM F2100 or ASTM F3502 testing.

No Change for Clients

This additional accreditation will not result in any changes or new difficulties for our clients.  You can look forward the same great quality and service you have come to expect from Kinectrics ArcWear.  We will continue to operate under our long-standing Quality Management System.  

ArcWear remains an active participant in both the certification arm of ASTM International, SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) and UL’s Third Party Data Acceptance Program for acceptance of test data toward third party certifications to NFPA 2112, NFPA 1971, and ASTM F1506.  Our testing is also accepted for CE Marking through European Notified Bodies.   

Please contact us today to discuss our various testing services and certification programs or to open a testing project today.


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