Standards Development

ASTM F2178-20 for Arc Rated Face Protection Published with New Arc Rating Limit

A major improvement in ASTM F2178 for end users and manufacturers has been published. The 2020 version recognizes that hoods are limited by the rating of the fabric and that 20 minimum samples tested to levels much higher than the final rating provide no value to end users or manufacturers. ArcWear and Kinectrics took the […]

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Proposed TIA to Address FR Cloth Face Coverings in NFPA 2112

ArcWear has proposed a TIA to address FR cloth face coverings in NFPA 2112. TIA, or Temporary Interim Amendment, Log No: 1513 is open for public comment until June 29. ArcWear has been working to address masks in FR Standards since the CDC cloth face covering recommendations were handed down last month. We have received […]

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ArcWear Expands its Standards Development Efforts in NFPA

ArcWear has expanded its standards development role with staff recently appointed to an additional NFPA Technical Committee (TC). Brian Shiels is now a Principal member of the TC on Structural and Proximity Fire Fighting Protective Clothing and Equipment. Likewise, Stacy Klausing is now an Alternate member. Standards developed and maintained by this TC include NFPA […]

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ArcWear’s Role in the Development of a New ASTM Testing Method

ArcWear is at the center of the development of a new ASTM Standard Test Method that could better predict the potential for burn injuries for various materials used in garments and ensembles. The proposed standard (WK70964), which is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Subcommittee F23.80, outlines a new way to evaluate flame-resistant clothing that bridges […]

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