ArcWear’s Role in the Development of a New ASTM Testing Method

ArcWear is at the center of the development of a new ASTM Standard Test Method that could better predict the potential for burn injuries for various materials used in garments and ensembles. The proposed standard (WK70964), which is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Subcommittee F23.80, outlines a new way to evaluate flame-resistant clothing that bridges […]

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ASTM F2675-19 Published

ASTM F2675 has been revised and published as a 2019 edition with significant updates. All references to ASTM D120 for rubber insulating gloves and ASTM F696 for leather protectors have been removed. This change allows rubber gloves and leather protectors to be rated independently of those product conformance standards. Arc ratings were previously limited in […]

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The Role of an Expert Witness in Flame-Resistant Product Liability Cases

Why do I need an expert witness for a flame-resistant product liability lawsuit? This is a question that either plaintiffs or defendants might ask. This article is intended to provide some guidelines to assist in an answer to this question. An expert witness provides insight into technical aspects of the case and may be retained […]

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