ASTM F3258 - Arc Rated Protector Glove Testing

ArcWear is accredited to assist with ASTM F3258 Arc Rated Protector Glove testing to the following hazards: arc flash, cut, puncture resistance. The minimimum testing required in ASTM F3258 is as follows:

Optional Testing in the standard is:

Other test options include:
  • ASTM F2878 Hypodermic Needle Puncture
  • ASTM F1001 Chemical Resistance Testing using ASTM F903 Penetration or ASTM F739 Permeation 

ASTM F3258 expands ASTM F696 to include testing and a labeled arc rating. Gloves can be dual certified to ASTM F3258 and to ASTM F696 if they are primarily leather. ASTM F696 with it’s leather type, tanning type and thickness minimums will co-exist with ASTM F3258.  Many in industry have wanted thinner, lighter weight, more dexterous and more cut resistant gloves, this new standard now can meet that need. Manufacturers may choose the attributes they would like to make claims, perform testing, and label classifications accordingly.

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