ASTM F2733 - Flash Fire for Rainwear

ASTM F2733, Standard Specification for Flame-Resistant Rainwear for Protection Against Flame Hazards, is used for rainwear intended to protect from the flash fire hazard. Rainwear is not included in the scope of the NFPA 2112 document. ASTM F2733 is a self-declaration standard; third-party testing or certification is not required for compliance. ArcWear works with the FlashCert Consortium to complete testing to ASTM F2733, including manikin testing.

Test methods used to evaluate compliance with ASTM F2733 include large scale flash fire manikin tests on both the fabric (using standardized coveralls) and the as-sold product. Small-scale evaluations including vertical flame (ASTM D6413), tear resistance, fabric weight, and water resistance evaluations of fabric and seams should be performed annually for compliance with the specification.

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ASTM F2733 Test Methods Include:

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