ASTM F1959 per F1891 - Arc Ratings for Rainwear Materials

The arc test method used for rainwear is ASTM F1959, Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing, along with the calculation and reporting of both ATPV and EBT results and evaluating the material at twice the incident energy of the assigned arc rating to check for the material’s propensity to melt and drip in the large-scale arc flash exposure. ASTM F1891 has a minimum arc rating requirement of 5 cal/cm2. ASTM F1959 is one part of the ASTM F1891 specification; full initial testing and ongoing quality control testing on an annual basis is required for compliance. ASTM F1891 is cited by NFPA 70E for rainwear. ArcWear and Kinectrics are accredited to assist with ASTM F1891 testing.

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