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Hugh Hoagland

ArcWear Founder

"Love my job testing and consulting with end users and manufacturers on how arc flashes affect the things they wear and how they can stay safe." - Hugh

ArcWear Founder Hugh Hoagland, an expert on electrical arc testing and safety, has helped develop arc-rated rainwear and face shields and has numerous patents related to arc flash protection. Hugh has aided in the development of legislation and standards in the U.S. and globally; He serves on ASTM F18, IEC TC78 and the IEEE Electrical Safety Committee as a U.S. based expert on arc flash and electrical safety. Hugh is a highly sought-after speaker on arc flash research and has performed more than 95% of the world's arc flash testing on PPE. His accident investigation studies and research have been published in IEEE, ASTM, and in the Handbook of Fire Resistant Textiles.


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Articles by Hugh Hoagland

Here are a few articles by Hugh, to see all of his published articles visit our Articles page.

Bridging the Protection Abyss: Arc Rated Gloves and The New ASTM Test Method
Author(s): Hugh Hoagland and Zarheer Jooma
Publication: HSME Magazine, March/April 2014 (Pages 42-43)

Addressing Comfort and Contamination in Arc-Rated Clothing
Author(s): Hugh Hoagland and Mikhail Golovkov
Publication: Incident Prevention, February 2014

What About My Hands?
Author(s): Hugh Hoagland and Bill Shinn
Publication: ISHN, April 2012

Arc Flash Label Best Practices
Author(s): Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, September, 2010

Seven Electrical Safety Habits for a Safer Workplace
Author(s): Al Havens, Hugh Hoagland
Publication: Render Magazine, October, 2010