IEC 61482-2

About this Specification

IEC 61482-2 is the European equivalent to ASTM F1506 for the thermal hazards of an arc flash. The standard includes requirements for material testing and additional information for garments constructed from compliant materials. This is required for selling garments for arc flash protection in the EU.

Under the PPE Directive, a CE mark from a notified third-party body is required in order to sell PPE in EU countries. Both fabric and garment testing are required for compliance. Under our FlashCert services, ArcWear partners with BTTG to complete testing to IEC 61482-2 and to issue CE Markings for compliant products.

Arc Testing in the IEC 61482-2 Specification

IEC 61482-1-1 (open air arc) and/or IEC 61482-1-2 (box method)

Get Started

Please download and fill out the Arc Test Form (XLS) and email it to Please include a copy of the form in the sample shipment.

Need to sell in the EU? BTTG accepts ArcWear data, and ArcWear can help to facilitate a CE mark through BTTG (notified body in Europe) using our new FlashCert services. Obtain global certifications in a flash! Contact for inquiries.

Small-Scale Testing in the IEC 61482-2 Specification

ISO 13937-2

Tear (Outer Layer)

ISO 13934-1

Tensile Strength (Outer Layer)

ISO 5077

Dimensional Change

ISO 15025 Procedure A

Flame Spread (Pristine and Post Wash)

ISO 13938-1

Burst - Knits Only (Outer Layer)